Ionic Framework


   In this tutorial i want to write about ionic framework, Ionic is HTML5 Sdk helps us to create hybrid mobile apps using web technologies such as a Html 5,Css(Sass),Javascript, Gulp and Angular. Ionic apps looks like a native apps with rich components library. You can check components list here. One of the best things of Ionic Framework is using Angular.js , if you are already using Angular in your web projects you can use same codes in your mobile app directly.

    Other big  advantage is when you developed your mobile app you are able to publish on all ios and Android devices including tablets. It means you don’t need to have dedicated teams per platform to develop and maintenance codes.

How we can use ionic ?

Install to ionic we need node package manager , if you didn’t install node yet , you can download and install on official web site.

You can install with

npm install -g ionic

after you installed ionic on your computer you can start with starter templates. Today ionic have 3 starter templates they are  blank, tabs  and sidemenu.

To create an ionic project with template you can use below command on terminal

ionic start ProjectName sidemenu

ionic start ProjectName tabs

ionic start ProjectName blank

Now you have ionic project, next tutorial  i will start to demo project.

See you on next tutorial.


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